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About School

Masseeh Dilasa School

          Masseeh Dilasa School is a co-educational institution from kindergarten to class X affiliated to CISCE. Delhi. it is an institution of Christian minority status, founded in 1976, and run by the Education Society of the Diocese of Bijnor. The school is named after Most Sacred Heart of Jesus- Masseeh Dilasa - a seat of wisdom knowledge, love and mercy. It strives to cultivate in children self confidence, spirit of adventure and sportsmanship, capacity to thin, write an speak effectively and express himself herself creativity. It instills in students an understanding and appreciation of our culture heritage, and imbues an aesthetic sensitivity, a sense of responsibility and respect for social and moral values through multifarious activities. Masseeh Dilasa longs to create a human society, free from prejudices, superstitions and discrimination based on sex,religion, caste and economics status, and characterized by respect for the dignity of human beings, showing concern for each other, especially the underprivileged.
For attainment of these goals, the school expects the parents and teachers to share this vision, and co-operate with the School in making it a reality.